Book Review: Hidden Among the Stars

Book Review: Hidden among the Stars

Genre: Contemporary/Historical Fiction/Time-Slip

Author: Melanie Dobson

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Wow! I loved this book! From start to finish this book had me captivated!

Melanie Dobson’s Hidden Among The Stars is a time-slip novel, featuring both current and historical settings and has to be one of my all time favourite books to date!

The book centres around modern day Callie who runs a book store with her sister. Through historical second hand books she discovers a story and a mystery from another time – War time Europe circa 1930’s. Germany has taken over Austria and the world begins to change for Max Dornbach and his friends.

It’s my first Melanie Dobson book and probably my first time-slip novel and i’m one very happy customer.

I loved both the current and historical characters and was lost in each of their stories. I loved the way that Melanie used well known passages from popular books throughout Callie’s dialogue. In my mind it brought the book together in such a lovely way. Being a book lover myself, the main character having a bookstore was just a tick in the box right away.

The mystery, intrigue and suspense of this book was amazing, not to mention the anguish, pain and frustration you felt for each of the characters. I managed to guess a few of the plot twists before they happened, but still found the plot to be very original and unexpected.

From a Christian perspective, I’ll have to admit the book wasn’t overly preachy, but did include some good Christian principles in the fibre of the story and was a clean enjoyable book.

Give me historical fiction, some mystery and suspense, throw in some romance and i’m hooked!

Definitely going on my list of all time favourites! If you haven’t already guessed, I would recommend this book for sure!

Rating 10/10

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for a fair review


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