Book Review: Divine

Book Review: Divine

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Author: Karen Kingsbury

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Divine is an intriguing and powerful novel centred around the story of Mary and by extension, Emma. Karen Kingsbury has based the character of Mary on another Mary we all know well; Mary Magdalene from the bible.

This book is an incredible insight as to how millions of souls live on a daily basis trapped in the world of drug addiction, abuse and domestic violence. Wanting desperately to be free and accepted, but looking in the wrong places to find it.

Karen uses the stories of Mary and Emma to show the real battle that many face in breaking free from their circumstances. Fuelled by fear, insecurity and worthlessness, they struggle to break free from their addictions, afraid they aren’t worthy to be free, and tormented by the enemy of their soul.

A great story of redemption and the power of God’s love to change a life.

Rating 8/10

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