Book Review: Before I Saw You

Book Review: Before I Saw You

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Author: Amy K Sorrells

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Before I Saw You is a great contemporary novel which profoundly touches on the pain of loss and letting go – once i got into the book it was hard to put it down!

The story centres around the main character Jaycee and the struggles she faces in letting go of her child and trusting God with the future. The novel also explores the pain of loss that she herself and others around her faced, how it changed them and the importance of forgiveness.

I enjoyed some of the themes that Amy brought into the book which included the drug epidemic facing our generation, getting free of generational cycles and the importance of making good choices despite our circumstances. I also enjoyed the perspective she brought in regarding motherhood, and the understanding of grief that faces women in all different circumstances whether it be infant loss, infertility or adoption.

My only criticism would be there were times i would get lost in the book when the scenes became overly descriptive regarding the surroundings and nature and not a lot was happening. It made the story drag, when i wanted the story to keep progressing.

All in all a lovely book about grace, forgiveness and ultimately love that you won’t regret reading.

Rating 8/10

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a fair review


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