Book Review: Oceans Apart


Book Review: Oceans Apart

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Author: Karen Kingsbury

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Oceans Apart is a heart-wrenchingly honest look at life, relationships and forgiveness.

This book essentially covers the story of Max, a small boy who loses his Mother in a plane crash and his attempt to find the father he never knew. Oceans apart looks at issues such as dealing with the loss of a parent, the betrayal of extramarital affairs and the struggles of family relationships and expectations.

One thing that stood out to me when reading this book was Karen Kingsbury’s skill in bringing the perspective and innocence of a young boy to her writing. You could definitely feel the emotions and understand the rationale behind Max’s every thought and decision which is something I haven’t come across in many books I have read.

The key take away from this book is definitely our need as humans to love and to forgive others, especially when it seems justifiable not to and impossible to do so.

If you’re looking for a book that will melt and break your heart all in one – pick this book up!

Rating 8/10

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