Book Review: Leota’s Garden

Book Review: Leota’s Garden

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Author: Francine Rivers

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Leota’s Garden was a heart-wrenching and honest look at family and generational relationships.

This book was a slower paced book which explored the relational issues that many families encounter and the cycles that many relationships find themselves in. Through the characters lives and how they interact with each other you can see how God made us all unique with our quirks and different personalities and for different purposes. It also shows us that He gives us the power to forgive and to overcome past hurts and regrets and the memories that hold us captive.

I felt the characters in this story were all very real and could be the family living next door or down the street. I loved that the characters were all unique and none of them perfect – it gives us hope that we all can change.

I loved the strong imagery in this book – in your mind you can visualise Leota’s house, Leota’s garden and the transformation that takes place overtime.

The book was a slower pace than i normally like, but i thoroughly enjoyed this book and the message it conveyed. I hope you take the time to read it!

Rating 9/10

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