Book Review: Band of Sisters

Book Review: Band of Sisters

Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: Cathy Gohlke

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Well what can I say!? A fantastic book that had me in right from the beginning!

This book satisfied my need for history, romance, suspense and Christ, all in one! There was so much to like about this book, it was hard to put down!

It’s hard to explain what I liked so much about the book, but definitely one of things was how Cathy managed to pull everything together so seamlessly into the storyline. Every character, every motivation, every scene seemed so perfectly put together and nothing seemed random or out of place. The characters seemed to fit the time and the language use was on point.

I particularly like the transformation of the main character, Maureen in this story. Having come from an Irish Catholic background with big trust issues concerning God and men, she was able to eventually accept that there are good men out there with pure intentions and subsequently believe and trust in a loving God who cares for her no matter her past. There were great support characters as well, all relatable if not likeable.

I have a love/hate relationship with storylines where you can see what’s happening on both sides but the characters themselves have no idea – it feels you with such frustration, suspense and hope and inside you are begging the characters to make the right decision. It is the weirdest mix of emotion and somehow addictive! There were times in this book I wanted to scream but was still compelled to keep on reading, hoping for the character’s sake they would come to their senses and see the truth!

All in all, a fantastic book and I’m glad I came across it!

Rating 10/10

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