Book Review: Grace in Strange Disguise

Book Review: Grace in Strange Disguise

Genre: Christian Fiction

Author: Christine Dillon

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I was very excited to read my first christian fiction book written by an Australian!

Being a fellow Aussie, it’s not very common you come across an Australian author in this field.

If i’m completely honest, when I first started reading this book, I was unsure if I was going to like it. I wasn’t convinced what the author’s intent was at the beginning of the book and what message was being conveyed. However as I persisted with reading this book, I found an intriguing, genuine story of faith and conversion.

What I particularly loved about this story was the revelation that every church kid needs a conversion experience and needs to have their own revelation and walk with Jesus. I also really related to the fact that life throws us curve balls and that does not mean that God isn’t there, or he doesn’t care, but he is working a greater purpose in our lives and wants to draw us nearer to him. Not only is he working a greater purpose in our lives but also in the lives of others who are watching us and our testimonies.

I was really impressed by the amount of witnessing and sharing of Esther’s faith that occurred in this book. This is something that I believe a lot of Christians struggle with, including myself so it’s always good to be encouraged and reminded that we need to do this more than we already do.

Overall, a great story showing a true christian walk full of reading God’s word, prayer and evangelism. A great read!

Rating 10/10

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