Book Review: Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case Series)

Book Review: Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case Series)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Author: Dee Henderson

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Well this book was my first introduction to Dee Henderson as an author! I have to say it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I’m not sure if it was just because this particular book was a cold case mystery and there is less suspense than an ‘active’ crime, but I found the book to be at a slower pace than I assumed it might be.

Having said that, I found the characters to be well presented, strong and likeable. The cold case mysteries were definitely not predictable and kept you guessing until the end.

If i’m completely honest, I didn’t get a sense of a strong Christian theme coming through the book which is something that I especially look for/want in Christian Fiction. To me it felt more like a story about solving cold case crimes with characters that happened to be Christian. *A small caveat on this comment is to say I have not read the second book in the series which may bring the story together and the Christian message may become clearer.

I did enjoy the crime element of the story with the detailed descriptions of the processes of solving a crime and the police work involved; so i’m suggesting a lot of research has gone into Dee’s book.

In conclusion, definitely an enjoyable crime story if you’re into all things crime, police, FBI and murder mysteries, but as i said above, i felt a little let down by the lack of spiritual content in the book.

Rating 7/10

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