Book Review: The Masterpiece

Book Review: The Masterpiece

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Author: Francine Rivers

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I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Francine Rivers’ latest book – the Masterpiece!

Francine’s latest book is an inspired piece of art, much like the title. From the beginning I was once again hooked in the story and couldn’t put the book down. I don’t know how Francine does it, but she has a unique ability to create such clear, distinctive and likeable characters – you feel like you know them and what’s more you are rooting for them the whole way through.

I love the concept of this book, which is that God is constantly working through our lives, using our imperfections and perfecting them for his glory. The way Francine is able to bring across childhood issues such as abandonment, rejection, love and pain and how they play out in adulthood is very well done and from my own experience, very accurate.

Strangely enough I recently read and reviewed ‘Millennial Orphan’ which is a true account of Levi Gideon Shepherd’s journey to salvation, albeit through various childhood trials including being in the foster care system, dealing with the death of his mother and having no father around. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in Levi compared with fictional Roman. As much as I found it slightly confusing having read the books so close together, I believe it speaks to the accuracy of Francine’s writing yet again – her attention to detail and commitment to research is second to none.

If I had to find a couple of critiques for this book it would be the following: –

  • I found the jumping backwards and forwards on the timeline of the characters lives a little confusing. It definitely helped answer some questions which were raised or mentioned during the present day, but I sometimes felt like I was reading another book for a chapter and then going back to reality.
  • I’m not sure what I think about Grace and her friends’ level of Christianity, particularly early on in the book. I realise that Francine may be trying to show the downfalls of such levels of compromise and how they turned out for the characters later down the track, but I don’t feel that message came across convincingly enough. Things they mentioned in conversation such as abortion, dating unsaved co-workers, going to night clubs – all very questionable behaviour from those who consider themselves followers of Christ. I was quite surprised to be honest, because Francine’s characters are usually very spiritual, I just wonder whether she was going for characters a little less committed to Christ at the beginning to show there’s hope for all of us no matter where we are at on our spiritual walk with God.

Well that’s a rap folks! As always from Francine, other great book.

Rating 9/10

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