Book Review: Millennial Orphan

Book Review: Millennial Orphan

Genre: Autobiography

Author: Levi Gideon Shepherd

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This autobiography is an incredible book that almost unbelievably tells of the extreme depravity of mankind while at the same time showing the grace and the faithfulness of God.

The things that Levi faces in his life are incredibly shocking and at times unfathomable; however somehow through it all God is on Levi’s case drawing him closer to Him.

Some of things Levi faces from a very early age, including cancer, molestation, foster care, abandonment and physical abuse; become his identity. Through his story you begin to see how pain and loneliness can drive young kids to destructive lifestyles and lead them down a path they never wanted to be on. In a sick twist of life, their pain takes them away from everything they have always wanted, and gives them more of what they wish to escape.

However the best part of Levi’s story is that through the pain and trials of life God is always there, reaching out to us and asking us to accept his love and trust him.

A great true story that I would recommend to readers.

Rating 10/10


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