Book Review: If I Run

Book Review: If I Run (If I Run Series – Book 1)

Genre: Suspense

Author: Terri Blackstock

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If I Run is the first Christian suspense novel I picked up, and boy am I glad I did!

Being a lover of all things mysteries, whodunit and suspense, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the suspense section in my local Christian book store and decided to buy Book 1 and Book 2 of Terri Blackstock’s If I Run series.

By the time I got the end of the second book (at that point I didn’t realise there was a third book) I was devastated to realise I had to wait another 6 months before being able to get my hands on the third book! At the time of writing this I’m still yet to read the third book – but as they say, good things are worth waiting for!

If I Run covers a myriad of issues including PTSD, suicide, murder, corruption, fear and justice – all things we can relate to on some level, and for those who can’t, brings a greater depth of understanding of issues that others face on a daily basis. The story has a conspiracy theory element, which is always a hook to get you into the book and not let you put it down.

The way Terri incorporates Christianity into the book is interesting and in my opinion well done. As I mentioned, not having read Christian suspense, I was intrigued going into the book how it would be done, but Terri made it seamless and realistic.

On a side note, I really love the new cover style of Terri’s latest series – in fact it’s what drew me to pick up the book at the store and purchase it!

For those who love a good suspense or mystery book, I would recommend this series to you!

Rating: 10/10


2 thoughts on “Book Review: If I Run

  1. Chez says:

    Been looking for some new books to read. I love mystery books so when i read your review i decided to buy the first two books. Just finished reading if i run and cannot wait to read if i’m found. I also pre ordered the third book in this series. Absoloutly love this series. Thanks so much for recommending! 🙂 x


    • mariahcooke says:

      Hi Chez, thank you for commenting and I’m so pleased that you loved the books! I’m also hanging out for the third book – can’t wait for its release next month. Hopefully I can provide some other good suggestions with future reviews – thanks for reading! X


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