Book Review: A Voice in the Wind

Book Review: A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion Series – Book 1)

Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: Francine Rivers

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A Voice in the Wind is a raw, honest and captivating novel which is a must read!

Once again, Francine Rivers’ commitment to historical fact takes you on a journey of discovery and intrigue as you navigate the perils of the Roman Empire.

The characters in this story are second to none; each character is clearly defined and very much real. Each character fights their own battles as they struggle to find the truth and meaning to their life in the midst of a downward spiralling society.

This story is a great combination of faith, romance and history all rolled into one very compelling novel. The book confronts the issues of conquering fear and overcoming personal weaknesses. It reiterates the importance of living a counter-culture lifestyle that others can’t help noticing. It’s a clear favourite of mine and one I would recommend to readers.

Rating: 10/10

*This novel is Book 1 of the Mark of the Lion Series. Each book follows on from the last, however each book has different characters in focus. Personally, I have found myself re-reading Books 1 & 2, however leaving Book 3 on the shelf.


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